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Critical Capabilities set out to make the AR-15 production line more efficient, and the OEM purchaser’s task an easy one. By forecasting industry trends, coalescing capacity, and focusing on friction points in specific consumable AR-15 parts, Critical Capabilities has done just that for its clients.

Case Study #1: A large manufacturer experienced a shortage of bolt carrier groups, holding up the shipment of more than 1500 rifles, and freezing nearly a million dollars of capital. After calling Critical Capabilities, the gap was quickly filled with product of higher quality and at the same price. Critical Capabilities now supplements full-time and provides 24,000 bolt carrier groups to that company per year.

Critical Capabilities is built around three words: QUALITY, VALUE, and VOLUME.


QUALITY is at the heart of everything we do. OEMs cannot afford to have hang-ups on the production line, at the test fire pit, or in the hands of clients 2500 rounds later. Critical Capabilities’ relentless commitment to QA/QC through each step of the manufacturing process ensures our OEMs get the best parts, on time, and every time.

Case Study #2: A complete upper-receiver OEM was simultaneously shorted by several of its manufacturers, leaving it in a pinch for stripped uppers. Critical Capabilities not only provided uppers of a significantly higher quality, but also came on-site and adjusted techniques for production, saving the OEM 6 minutes per complete upper receiver and increasing the overall consistency and accuracy of the product. Critical Capabilities now provides 18,500 upper receivers and more than 130,000 support parts to this OEM per year.   


VALUE is what Critical Capabilities provides. We save our clients substantial amounts of money by leveraging out-of-industry manufacturing and talented developing manufacturers to make the majority of our parts.

Case Study #3: Critical Capabilities was invited into a large OEM to help reduce costs while maintaining exacting quality standards. After providing an entire suite of products ranging from buffers to A2 flash hiders, Critical Capabilities was able to reliably supply 2.125 million parts per year, saving the OEM approximately $460,000.00.

Critical Capabilities also provides value forecasting market trends and pre-positioning resources to ensure its clients’ success.

Case Study #4: Critical Capabilities forecasted abnormal trending in the upper receiver market in July of 2016 and immediately ordered 5,000 additional forgings per month across multiple forging vendors in order to lean forward and support anticipated client shortcomings—without securing commitments from clients. As the market would have it, these manufacturers were shorted material which was successfully supplemented by Critical Capabilities’ materials stream. The end result is that Critical’s OEMs had upper receivers through one of the highest-demand market periods to date, where many OEMs did not.  



Volume is what Critical Capabilities achieves through the scale of its manufacturing base, which is constantly expanding. Below is a list of our most popular products and capacities by part. Availability information is current and will be updated weekly:

Bolt Carrier Groups: 72,000 per year AVAILABILITY

Upper Receivers: 84,000 per year AVAILABILITY

7075 Buffer Tubes: 36,000 per year AT CAPACITY


Lower Parts Kits & Components: 380,000 per year AVAILABILITY

  • AR15 Fire Control Groups 40,000 per month AVAILABILITY
  • M16 LPKs in-stock

Barrels: 42,000 per year SOME AVAILABILITY

Barrel Extensions: 90,000 per year SOME AVAILABILITY

Low-Profile Gas Block: 300,000 per year AVAILABILITY

Gas Tubes: 270,000 per year AVAILABILITY

Forward Assists Assemblies: 165,000 per year AVAILABILITY

Buffers: 180,000 per year AVAILABILITY

6061 and 7075 Charging Handles: 130,000 per year AVAILABILITY

A2 Flash Hiders: 120,000 per year AVAILABILITY

All other consumable parts of the AR15 are AVAILABLE, and we are building capacity where we are at capacity. Contact us for details.


OEMs: If you are an OEM producing more than 1,000 weapons per year, or are a bulk-seller looking to purchase more than 500 parts per item per purchase, please fill out the contact form below. One of our staff will reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs.

Dealers: With a network of over 1,000 dealers across the country and growing every day, Critical Capabilities stands ready to provide your shop explosive growth through the cost-effective provision of ‘unbranded’ AR-15 parts via our e-commerce initiative, unbrandedAR.com. See the Wholesale Registration page for more details.

Retail:  Head on over to unbrandedAR.com to find the quality parts you expect from branded companies, at prices you can afford!

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